Southern Berkshire Technology Committee Bringing Broadband to Life
  • Nov

    What type and level of service will be offered?

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    Although the details on the level and types of service and affiliated costs aren't yet confirmed, the SBTC is advocating for a next-generation network based on fiber optic cable to the home priced competitively with existing high speed offerings.

    A fiber-optic network involves the communications signal being delivered over optical fiber cable to the home or business. Fiber is the fastest known technology, using light as its transmission medium and one of the world's most stable materials, glass. This technology is the most reliable method to provide vastly higher bandwidth to households and businesses.

    Fiber would also bring phone service and video/HDTV into the home over the same line, and would be less costly than what rural Berkshire residents pay today for all of those services. Fiber also enables other ancillary services such as real-time two-way video in-home medical care, real-time two-way video education, home security, and "smart homes," that enable remote management of heat, appliances, and power usage.

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