Southern Berkshire Technology Committee Bringing Broadband to Life
  • Mission

    Rural broadband equity, as soon as possible.

    The Southern Berkshire Technology Committee is a community-led initiative in which residents, with the official endorsement of the town Select Boards, have joined forces to work toward a common goal: To expedite the expansion of modern broadband infrastructure and services to the rural communities of our region, as soon as possible.

    Our belief

    We believe strongly that equitable, affordable access to broadband is an essential right of every American. We stand in solidarity with all unserved and underserved communities in the Commonwealth and throughout the United States.

    Reliable broadband access is an absolute requirement for the viability of economic development, education, communications, health and safety, and quality of life in our towns. Delivering that service is the contemporary equivalent of the rural electrification and telephone initiatives of the past.

    Our pledge

    We pledge to mobilize support for the officials and organizations that join with us in this effort. We also pledge to do all we can to expedite our towns’ processes with regard to permitting, zoning, and any other approvals while respecting town values.

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