Oxford writing style is one of the easiest and easily comprehensible writing styles. The Oxford guidelines give rules for referencing and citing sources of information. The rules of referencing used for writing Oxford style papers are also known as the rules of referencing used by the Oxford style guidelines. These rules tell writers how they can reference and cite when writing several Oxford publications. These publications can either be academic or non-academic publications. Academic Oxford publications can also be referred to as academic Oxford style papers and are written by students as part of their assignments. An example of an Oxford style papers is an Oxford style term paper that is written by a student and is supposed to be submitted at the end of an academic term or semester. Appendices in Oxford style papers make use of footnotes, in-line notations endnotes and annotated bibliographies.

Oxford style of referencing and citation is also known as documentary-note referencing system which is mostly used in philosophy and history disciplines.

It can however be used in other fields of study other than the mentioned two fields. Oxford style papers also have numeric markers representing specific endnotes or footnotes containing the citations. These markers are found at the end part of a sentence and not after a specific section referred to. The other important point to note about Oxford style papers is that there is sequential numbering of endnotes or footnotes and when using in-text citations, writers are advised to use the full citation for the first incident followed by name-date-format for the subsequent citations. The use of footnotes and endnotes is also common when making side comments or noting down materials that is related to the study subject but may not fit into the text.

The other important feature of Oxford style papers is that they have an annotated bibliography at the end.

An annotated bibliography consists of the various information sources used to obtain material for writing Oxford style papers. Below each source of information, writers are advised to write one or more sentences regarding to the source and how the material contributes to the subject of the Oxford style papers. Many students are faced with difficulties and challenges when asked to write Oxford style papers. This is due to the fact that they have scarce knowledge on how to go about the task. Moreover, they are given limited time by their lecturers and hence they are unable to finish their assignments on time. The best solution for such students is for them to purchase Oxford style papers form custom companies online.

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